1000 Islands Tourism Accomodation Partners Gananoque

All Candidates Meeting

1000 Islands Accommodation Partners is pleased to host an all-candidates meeting on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010.Please join us at 7pm at the Springer Theatre, 1000 … Read more

Hey where did my name go?!!

Looks like someone ( possibly worrying about a little competition ) has registered ingananoque.ca and setup that domain name to forward to their own website. … Read more

TLTI Township of Leeds and the 1000 Islands Coalition of Area Residents

TLTI Area Residents Website

Some interesting reading on their website, especially when thinking about the upcoming Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands local council election. The joint TIARA & … Read more

History of 1000 Islands

I “borrowed” this article about the history of the Thousand Islands from gananoque.com,  so  full credit for this post goes to gananoque.com . History of the … Read more