A Christmas Carol at Firehall Theatre

christmas carol scrooge firehall theatre theater gananoque decemberThe play runs from Dec. 2nd – 5th, with matinee performances on the 4th and 5th.

Featuring Trevor Walsh as Scrooge, and of course Darren from The Old English Pub as Marley

The play is a collaboration between Stephen Beardwood, producer/writer/director, and Robyn Abelson, a music and drama teacher at Gananoque Secondary School, who developed the script and music over the past year and a half.
With an ensemble cast-Trevor Walsh (Ebenezer Scrooge), Robert Burtch (Bob Cratchit), Lesley White (Ghost of Christmas Past), Gary Jessup (The Ghost of Christmas, Mr. Fezziweg), Brett Stickle (The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, Fred), Roan Treamor (Tiny Tim), Rebecca Hudson (Scrooge’s girlfriend), Matt McGlashan (Young Scrooge, teen scrooge), Lauren Knight (Scrooge’s sister), Bronte Thomson (Cratchit’s youngest daughter), Val Lawless (Mrs. Cratchit), Joyce Ritskes (Mrs. Fezziweg), and Darren Towriess (Marley.)
There is a special take on this version of the classic tale – the entire production is sung to Christmas Carols. “It is acted out and instead of speaking the words we found a Christmas carol that fits every scene. They don’t always sing the carol as it is meant to be – sometimes it is sung angry, sad or sometimes we just rock it out,” said Beardwood.

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