and yet more Gananoque website madness……

gananoque chamber commerce websiteSeemingly the new website from Gananoque Chamber of Commerce is separate from the main Chamber site which has now been moved to

Now I really don’t get the thinking behind this at all. The old Chamber site is probably one of the most comprehensive local websites, with a fairly complete listing of all local businesses and services. The new site is not – e.g. under the “Shopping & Culture” heading there are 5 business listings – now I know Gananoque may not exactly be a shopping mecca, but I think we have more than 5 shops to offer! The domain ranks highly in Google searches for this area, but now site visitors enter the new site, with it’s restricted and incomplete tourism info, rather than the old site with comprehensive listings of all that Gananoque & Thousand Islands has to offer (and which also listed all Chamber of Commerce members, not just some of the tourism related businesses).

So now we have another site with fragmented, incomplete info, like most of the other local websites.

Couldn’t the various Town organisations get together and create one useful website to promote the Town, one with complete, up to date information, rather than everyone investing money into their own various incomplete websites?

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