Blood Brothers, June 17 to July 31, Springer Theatre

Written by Willy Russell  Directed by Greg WanlessBlood Brothers at 1000 Islands Playhouse Gananoque
Musical Direction by Sandy Thorburn, Set/Costume Design by Gillian Gallow
Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay
June 17 to July 31, Springer Theatre

The musical has a contemporary nature versus nurture plot, revolving around fraternal twins who are separated at birth.  The twins’ different backgrounds take them to opposite ends of the social spectrum, one becoming an Oxbridge-graduated councilor and the other unemployed and imprisoned.  Both fall for the same girl, with tragic circumstances.

From the incredibly talented writer of both Shirley Valentine and Educating Rita.  Few musicals have received quite such acclaim as Blood Brothers. Scooping up no less than four awards for BEST MUSICAL and receiving a standing ovation at almost every performance in the West End.

Mrs Johnstone: Kristen Galer
Narrator: Kyle Dadd
Mickey: Daniel Falk
Eddie: Graham Parkhurst
Linda: Laura McCarthy
Mrs. Lyons: Marlene Handrahan
Sammie (and others): Adrian Proszowski
Mr Lyons (and others): Peter Van Wart
Ensemble: Laura Burns, Wendy Fox, Peter Frohlinger, Seanna Kennedy

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