Recently I learned from Historic Building Co. how quickly and affordable it is to transform a room with custom mouldings and skilled hands. And all of this: within the space already available.

custom doors, mouldings, trim
In this Thousand Islands home, a boring hallway of drywall and stock painted trims was transformed into a welcoming Georgian-panelled foyer. Mass-production mouldings were removed, and the drywall concealed, to create a dramatic interior using time-honored stile-and-rail Georgian panelling (like a kitchen cabinet door) and

Victorian brackets. Rather than the typical formality found with painted panelling, this pine woodwork was stained to lend a rustic, informal Canadiana feel. And creating relaxed, rustic charm was what this renovation was all about.

I was surprised how simple it all was, really. Except that design was everything: a panel had to be made to the correct proportion. And here is where the carpenter reigns supreme: this sort of custom interior requires the care and precision that only a skilled artisan can create. The use of traditional joinery, together with local wood species, resulted in a great blend of the traditional and contemporary: a modern home with all the beauty of a century home! Whether in Muskokas or the Thousand Islands, it is important to use local species for an authentic and timeless look; whereas imported woods can often look better in a Toronto condo renovation, where a specific architectural style is non-existent. Condos offer more versatility then, and thus tend to be more eclectic.

During the renovation process, I discovered that Historic Building Co. are also General Contractors, employing metalworkers, painters, stone cutters, carvers and other craftsmen, eager to create a seamless, personal and integrated design. Even the honed (meaning a dull finish) marble flooring was custom fitted, thus completeing the entire theme. An unexpected bonus to my eyes, was how the result was seamless: in a modern home, one can see where trims stop abruptly at stairs, or cabinets, with awkward little spaces to paint. But in this transformation, the trims were all fitted precisely so that the panelling transitions seamlessly into cabinets, built-ins, door trims, windows, and even window-seating.

Ready for a new season of new home construction, the crew of Historic Building Company are always eager to tackle even the smallest project, from furniture restoration and trim reproduction to an entire home. Winter months are spent in cabinet-making, woodworking and kitchen renovations. Being manufacturers, this saves the client extra, outside costs, and keeps rates low and competitive. It truly is a one-stop construction business, that ensures personalised service with quality control from start to finish. But they are very quick too, at supplying their trims to other contractors in the region. They are here to help. And the results are very pleasing to the eye.