Gan Police Report for week ending July 21st

gananoque police weekly report costsOfficers of the Gananoque Police Service investigated 139 occurrences during the seven day period ending July 21st, 2013. This included 13 criminal occurrences, 5 motor vehicle accidents and 12 calls to 911 for assistance. Officers issued 5 Provincial Offense Notices and 8 Cautions and completed approximately 30 hours of foot patrol time within the community.

July 16th, 2013

The Gananoque Police Service received a complaint of threats between two males at a Charles Street North residence. Further investigation determined the complainant was breaching a trespass notice issued earlier. The complainant was cautioned by officers regarding possible charges from trespassing.

July 17th, 2013

Officers responded to a possible assault in progress at a Garden Street apartment between two females. Officers attended and spoke to parties who were present, the dispute was confirmed consensual regarding trespassing issues.

Officers attended a Charles Street North residence regarding an ongoing noise complaint. Upon arrival officers observed a male intentionally playing music loudly. The male was cautioned regarding the noise bylaw by officers who then became belligerent. The male was then issued a Provincial Offense Notice for excessive noise. The male continued to play music and he was cautioned regarding possible criminal charges for Mischief.

The Gananoque Police Service received a report of a soda vending machine that had been broken into at a Main Street business and had the coins stolen from it. If any person has further information regarding this incident, please contact the police service at 613-382-4422.

July 19th, 2013

Officers responded to a fight at a Stone Street North apartment between two females. Officers spoke to parties involved, determining the fight was verbal in nature.

Officers attended a Second Street residence regarding a possible domestic dispute. Officers spoke to both parties separately, determining that no threats or assaults were made. The male left the residence temporarily to allow both parties to calm down.