Gananoque Traffic Lights

Seemingly the timing of lights in Town has been “adjusted to improve traffic flow”.
Readjustment may be an idea? It seems to be working really well so far, I can almost drive to Kingston and back, and buy whatever I need, in the time it takes me to cross Gan, I saw several out of town plated cars doing U-turns today to head back onto 401.

And (probably just a biased Englishmans view) but my idea would be: Rip out all the lights and 4 way stops, we don’t have enough traffic to need them, we CREATE the traffic jams by having them, replace them all with Mini-Roundabouts, which unfortunately would have to involve teaching drivers how to use them.

E.G.  Typical 4 Way stop: everone stops, looks at each other, someone goes, someone stops, someone swears at someone going, etc.

Gananoque Lights: Stop, wait for no reason because nothing is coming if it’s in Town Centre late or early, or wait for full pointless sequence because a long gone car turned right out of Elizabeth drive, if you’re in lucky 8 you may get through before it starts all over again

Roundabout: everyone slows approaching it, looks left, nothing coming then proceeds around with no stop, if a car is approaching then you slow, then carry on.