Jammin In The Islands 2011

2011 Schedule is now on the website, jamminintheislands.com

Jammin In The Islands 2011 will be held October 28th, 29th, 30th at venues in and around Gananoque.

Friday Oct 28
Rapunzel’s – Sandy Wilson & Matt Wilson (1-3pm)
Panache Bakery & Cafe –  Billisimo  (12-2pm)
Robeson’s – Jim Murray (12-2pm)
Willow – Mike Bishop (12-2pm)
All About Books – Stefan Beardwood (2-4pm)
Donevan’s – Malaya Taylor (3-5pm)
Panache – Diane Stapley/Doug Gifford (2-4pm)
Socialist Pig – Sandy & Mat Wilson (3:30-5:30)
Executive Secretarial – Dave Rankine (1-3pm)
Maple Leaf Restaurant – Kevin Head/Head 0ver Heels (12-2pm)
Riverstone – Norbert Lepage (2-4pm)
Hot Roast Company – Gord Stoddard (5-7pm)
This That & Everything -Sheila Rosalie (Sheila Burtch) (3-5pm)
Imaginatorium Photo Emporium – Jazzy Puppets – Deanna Lyn Prod. (12-2pm)
The Old English Pub – Trevor Walsh & Sandy Mackenzie (8pm)

Saturday Oct 29
Robeson’s – Doug Gifford (12-2pm)
R & B Expressions – Emily Cadue (2-4pm)
Panache – Norbert Lepage (TBA)
Shoppes of Gananoque – Jim Kraemer (2 -4pm)
Field’s – Wayne Huff (1-3pm)
Magnolia – Mike Myers (2-4pm)
LCBO – Stefan Beardwood & Ken Wilson (3-5pm)
Donevan’s – Sandy Wilson (12-2pm)
All About Books – Jim Murray (2-4pm)
Maple leaf Restaurant – Kevin Head/Head Over Heels (12-2pm)
Anthony’s Restaurant -Jay Mittler (4-6pm)
This That & Eveything – Sheila Rosalie (Sheila Burtch) (3-5pm)
Socialist Pig – Mike Bishop (3-5pm)
Old English Pub-Jeff J Gaulton (8pm)
Moroni’s West Side – Register 9 (9pm)

Firehall Theatre
Friday- Georgette Fry (7:30pm)
Saturday- David Hurley (7:30) Rubbaboo (8:30pm)
Sunday- Liner Notes (2pm)

*Arthur Child’s Museum
Saturday- Laura Bird 1 -3pm)

*Stonewater Grill
Friday- Bob Robertson (8pm)
Saturday- Glenna Green/Dave Barton (8pm)

*Golden Apple
Saturday- Hallman/Huffman (7:30pm)

*Canadian Tire
Cliff Edwards/Dan Kasaboski (2-4pm)

*Home Hardware
Andrew & Aaron Ray (2-4pm)

*Canadian Legion
Showman Karaoke (7pm)

*Dreams In Motion
Jazzy Puppets – Deanna Lyn Prod. (1-3pm)