Jammin’ In The Islands 2012 Schedule is here….

In The Downtown Core

Friday Oct. 12
RAPUNZEL..*Mike Myers.1 – 3pm
ALL ABOUT BOOKS..*John Wilburforce.2 – 4pm
PANACHE..*Norbert LePage..3:30 – 6:30pm
SOCIALIST PIG..*Head Over Heels..6:00 – 8:30pm
MAPLE LEAF..*Smith & Brady 7:30 – 9:30pm
HOT ROAST COMPANY..*Gord Stoddard & Friends..5 – 7pm
THIS, THAT & EVERYTHING..*Sheila Rosalie Burtch..3 – 5pm
MORONI’S PATIO *Hallman & Huffman 3 – 5pm
OLD ENGLISH PUB *River City Junction..8 – 11pm

gananoque jammin 1000 islands 2012

Saturday Oct. 13
ALL ABOUT BOOKS..*Norbert LePage..2 – 4pm
VILLAGE DELI..*Erica Bradley w Jay Mittler 11 – 1pm
PANACHE..*Diane Stapley/Doug Gifford..2 – 4pm
MAGNOLIA..*Craig Jones..2 – 4pm
MAPLE LEAF..*Czech Schnitzelhouse Orch…7:30 – 9:30pm
ANTHONY’S..*Jay Mittler..4 – 7pm
THIS, THAT & EVERYTHING..*Sheila Rosalie Burtch..3 – 5pm,
SOCIALIST PIG..*Tom Savage w Kevin Davidson..2 – 4pm
HOT ROAST COMPANY..*Gord Stoddard & Friends..5 – 7pm
EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL SERVICES..*Dave Rankine & Friends..1 – 3pm
ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION..*7 – 10pm (to confirm)
MORONI’S WEST SIDE..*Superhero Smith ..10 – 1am
OLD ENGLISH PUB..*Jeff Gaulton Trio..8 – 11pm

Other Exciting Venues (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
HOME HARDWARE..Saturday..*Cliff Edwards..1 – 4pm
TOWN PARK..*Lasalle Causeway Swing Band..Sunday..12 – 1:30pm
ARTHUR CHILDS HERITAGE MUSEUM..Saturday..*Dave Barton..2 – 4pm
STONEWATER IRISH PUB..Friday.*Mark Crissenger Blues .Saturday..*Hurley & Chiarelli..8 – 11p
CANADIAN TIRE Saturday *Sandy Wilson.. 1- 3:30pm
GANANOQUE PUBLIC LIBRARY..Saturday *Billissimo..1 – 3pm

The Firehall Theatre
Friday..* Guitar Trio.Extraordinaire..Maneli Jamal, Ewan Dobson, Dylan Ryche.
Saturday..*”Zydecosis” 8pm..
Sunday..*Liner Notes with Kevin Head (host), Lynn Miles, Jenica Rayne, Caitlin Hanford, Norman Doucette ..2pm

1000 Islands Accommodation Partners Venuesjammin 1000 islands live music gananoque
MUSKIE JAKES GAN INN..Friday *Spencer Evans.
Saturday..*Sam Hopkins.7 – 10pm

COUSIN’S ON KING Bar & Grill..
Friday.*.Kent Nicholson Saturday..
*Trevor Walsh 8 – 12am

Friday *Black Rapids Gold..
Saturday *Glenna Green ..7 -9:30pm
*Location and Artist times subject to change
*Some new locations and Artists could (and probably will!) be added

For latest info visit jamminintheislands.com or the Jammin Facegroup group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/jammingan/

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