Town of Gananoque Election Results

As of 3pm October 28th 2014 the Town website has the following results (but who knows if it might change again)

The results of the October 27, 2014 have been proof read and verified. The certified results are attached hereto along with the detail and indicates the following:


Erika Demchuk


Brian Brooks

Anne T. Warren

Jeff Girling

Joe Jansen

Jan Hayes

Dwayne Fletcher




This was posted on Town of Gananoque website as the results on the evening of October 27th but seemingly it was wrong.

2014 Election Results, Town of Gananoque


DEMCHUK, Erika –  1,282

GARRAH, James E. –  888

TRUESDELL, Joseph (Joe) –  756

MILLS, Don –  254




BROOKS, Brian – 2,130

WARREN, Anne T. – 1,964

GIRLING, Jeff –  1,746

JANSEN, Joe – 1,598

HAYES, Jan –  1,532

O’CONNOR, Dennis –  1,464


FLETCHER, Dwayne –  1,414

HARPER, Matt –  1,194

MACDONALD, Michael –  1,150


Number of Eligible Electors: 3,869

Total Number of Electors who have voted to date: 2,055
Number of Electors by: Web: 1331 Phone: 248 Paper: 476
Percentage of the Eligible Electors who have voted: 52.8%
Statistic from 2010 Election
Number of Eligible Electors: 4,009
Voters: 1,862
Percentage of Eligible Electors who Voted: 46.45%



2010 Archived


If anyone has any idea why results were so late coming in, what went wrong with the process, what time results were finally posted ( they weren’t posted on the door at either Gan Town Hall or EMS Building by 1 am last night) please feel free to post a comment below or EMAIL US

UPDATE – Final Town of Gananoque Council Election Results have now been posted, and your councillors are:

Office                                                       Elected Candidate1.   MAYOR                                              Erika S. Demchuk
2.   COUNCILLOR                                  Anne T. Warren3.   COUNCILLOR                                  Jeff Girling4.   COUNCILLOR                                  Joe P. Jansen5.   COUNCILLOR                                  Bill Sheppard6.   COUNCILLOR                                  Jan E. Hayes7.   COUNCILLOR                                  Roberta L. Abbott

Final results are now available on Town of Gananoque Website UPDATE Sorry this link is no longer active, Town website has been updated and I can’t find the link on new site

gananoque 2010 council election results



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